Delts at Virginia Tech

Whether coming to college means making new friends, trying out new experiences, preparing for a future career, or just hanging out and having fun, we do our best to provide it all.

 At Delta Tau Delta, it’s our goal to make our college experience a memorable one, and certainly one without any tolerance for hazing of any kind. Academics, athletics, brotherhood, philanthropy, and social life are important aspects of all college students and especially Delts, which make us well-rounded, successful leaders on campus.

 As one of the youngest fraternities at Virginia Tech, the Delts here have an especially unique opportunity to blaze a path that will ultimately shape the future of our fraternity for generations to come. Unlike other fraternities at Virginia Tech, our newest members of our chapter have an exciting opportunity to shape the fraternity into their own, creating new traditions and events, as well as recapturing old ones from our vast history as an international fraternity.