Delta Tau Delta consistently pushes its men to strive for the best with regards to academics. Nationally, Delta Tau Delta has found itself either at the top or near the top in terms of GPA. Delta Tau Delta has academic resources in place to help you be the best student possible. These dedicated resources are available only to the men of the chapter and include time management, grade tracking and academic advising from university faculty members.


Brotherhood is the fraternity. Whether you are studying, hanging out, partying, or working, there is always a brother there for you. Brotherhood is more than just the time at college, alumni are just as strong in the brotherhood. Some say fraternities are ways to buy friends, you may be able to buy friends but you can’t buy Brothers.


Being a Delt means not only contributing to the brotherhood, but to the community we are a part of as well. The Philanthropy Chairs ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for the chapter to participate. These events range from Sorority Water Polo matches to working with kids at local elementary schools.