Purple Irises

Meet our Purple Irises!

Fall 2016

Emily Miller, Katie Williams


Spring 2016

Makena Glemser, Ellie Miller


Spring 2015

Megan Turcol, Elaine Wood, Charlotte Edwards

Sweethearts spring 2015

Fall 2014

Kat Huffman, Cara Stombock, Selena Bennett, Suzanne Berry

Fall 2014 PIs_C

Fall 2013

Sarah Stacy

Sarah PI 1

Spring 2013

Samantha Eastman, Catie Cheek, Caitlin Murray

Spring 2012

Caitlin O’Brien

Fall 2011

Brittany Patton, and Missy Coates

Spring 2010 Irises:

Sarah Campbell, Caitlyn Berry, and Madeleine Mullins